The beauty

of ideas.

Be is born, the first collection of jewelry that is prismatic like the women that wear it.


Because jewels tell your story.
Not what the world expects.
Not the existence of others.
But you and your existence.

A woman’s collection. Set, like her life.
Precious, like her eyes. Strong, like her personality.
Synergistic. Because a woman is never just one thing, she is always a mix. A perfect mix.

Be Bonato 1960 POP Bracelets describe all the women you are. Choose one of the 4 metals available, the finish you prefer and the many ceramic and metal Cube Notes, our amazing charms collection.

Be Bonato 1960 POP Bracelets give more rhythm to your life: music has changed. 


Only emotion can design a jewel.

Jewelry is not an industrial process.
You cannot design without emotion, without heart.

Inspiration, creativity, craftsmanship passes from the minds of those who imagine and study the collections to the hands of those who realise them. This is the only way to create a wearable emotion.

How is a Bonato jewel born?

It springs primarily from the innate passion for the art of jewelry.

Yes, art. Because a jewel is a sculpture and must be thought, observed, treated as such. Its forging is handed down from generation to generation with an ancient, attentive method that respects the whole process of wax molding, melting of the metal, cutting and setting of the stone.

The stone chooses the jewel, chooses its shape. It chooses, like a woman. With the same decision and surety.

It chooses where it feels safe, where it wants to stay. And the creative process of the designer jewellers begins there, with that choice. Their first intuition is put down on paper, outlined like only an inspiration can be.

Then that idea, that creative vision is entrusted to the precision of the computer. And from the accuracy of the digital design, the jewel takes shape in a perfect fit between manufacturing inspiration and scientific meticulousness.

Nothing imperfect reaches the woman. Because the jewel is a gift for the person who will wear, a gift for all women.

They are in our thoughts when we look at a stone, when we select its cut and size. We think about making them stand out, just like precious stones. And, exactly like irregular stones, they inspired their use like true muses.

We are realistic dreamers. 

We are concrete visionaries.

We are scientific artists. 

We are all this.
And our jewelry, an expression of Italian culture and taste, tells all this. For over 50 years.
Why? So that you could show the world what you are, at your best, all the time.


Protagonists since 1960.

Bonato Milano 1960 has built its history by lighting up 3 important stages:
Milan, Rome, Montecarlo.

A path that began with fashion shows in Milan, the capital of fashion and Italian design. This is where it made itself known, where it built its heritage. It continued its journey in Rome and absorbed art and culture from the eternal city to add another piece to the mosaic of its personality.
And this is how, with all its Italian beauty, it conquered Montecarlo, the homeland of elegance. This mix of cultures completes the soul of the company, making it extra ordinary.

The path of Bonato Milano 1960 is as rich as the worlds from which it draws its inspiration. It is as passionate as its team. It is as international as its identity card.

This is why its character is so strong and defined, just like that of women.